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Roche and NICRAT Partner to Increase Awareness around HPV Screening


Roche Diagnostic and NICRAT don yan today say dem don conclude plan to work together for di area wey concern Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) screening. Dem also agree to work together to increase awareness campaign, early diagnosis, and treatment so dat breast and cervical cancer no go see road again for obodo naija.

Dis agreement happen as Roche African Regional team, wey Roberto Taboado dey lead, show face for NICRAT Director General, Prof. Usman Aliyu Malami office for Abuja, on Monday, May 20, 2024.

Di two organisations believe say dis partnership go helep reduce how cancer dey affect people for Naija.

Prof. Malami wey be NICRAT Director General talk say di Institute dey work to comot all di plans wey dem don set to make sure cancer mata dey control well well for Naija. Him talk say last year, dem launch three policy documents wey be National Strategic Cancer Control Plan 2023-2027; National Cancer Research Agenda 2024-2028; and National Strategic Plan for Prevention of Cancer of Uterine Cervix for Naija 2023-2027.

Him come hail Presido Bola Ahmed Tinubu-led Federal Government for making sure say cancer care dey on top agenda. Him talk say NICRAT need equipment wey go help dem to dey do cancer screening well well.

“We go dey work hand in hand with Roche, other NGOs and everybody wey get sense for di mata wey concern cancer for obodo naija”


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