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Scientist Dey Plan TB Test for Pipo


Scientists dey plan to use blood tests use catch pipo wey dey spread tuberculosis (TB) silently. This one fit helep to find those wey dey infected but no get symptoms.

TB na serious sickness wey dey affect many pipo, but sometimes e fit dey for person body but no go dey show any symptoms. Pipo wey get dis kain TB wey no dey show symptoms, fit spread am to others without even knowing.

The new test wey dem dey plan to use, e go check for set of six protein wey dey correct to take pinpoint TB. If dem see these protein, e fit mean say the person dey infected, even if dem no dey show any symptoms. Na Scientists from di University of Southamptom plus other sabinus from all over obodo world na dem join hand do this research.

Di lead author wey publish di study for inside Journal of Clinical Investigation, Dr. Hannah Schiff yan say dem miss three million cases of TB last year most especially for developing countries like Nigeria.

TB fit spread wen person wey get am dey cough, sneeze, or even talk and spit. If di spit contain di TB Bacteria and anoda person come in contact with am, e fit enter their bodi cause infection.

Dis na how TB spread from one person to another.


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