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Kontri Pipo in Pain cos Price of Drugs


The plenty plenty increase for the prices of important drugs, wey make dem no fit reach many pipo, na im dem yan say e dey because GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), wey be British drug company, don pack commot from obodo Naija. Dollar wahala dey make the prices of drugs dey swell like Ijebu garri as importation don hard. As GSK pack dem kaya komot for we kontri, prices of antibiotics don do Ben Johnson and not many people fit afford them.

People for expect say, drugs wey dey make for Nigeria, wey get di same tin wey dey for the one wey dem dey import, go dey very popular and dem go dey tell doctors to dey give dem to patients. But, e no dey happen like dat. Despite the wahala and how e cost to buy foreign drugs, plenty Nigerians still dey buy dem because doctors still dey prescribe dem.

One doctor come talk for social media say the price of Augmentin, wey be antibiotic wey GSK dey produce, don dey go up. Di doctor talk say before, dem dey sell am for N5,000 but now e don reach N57,000. E talk say e be like say GSK waka don really shake di drug market.

The big man for Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, Babatunde Irukera, talk say e dey importankpa make people fit buy drugs wey dem fit afford. E talk say di way wey dem dey supply and sell drugs, get wahala but dem need find way take stop am.

Even though dem get drugs wey dem dey make for Nigeria, doctors dey fear to talk say make dem give patients because dem dey reason say e fit no work well. Some drugs wey dem make for Naija no too dey follow di correct level wey dem suppose follow, and many fake ones full market. Doctors dey always yan say make dem buy branded drugs instead, even if e cost pass.

A Public Health Doctor, Dr. Babatunde Adewumi, talk say doctors dey always write generic names for drugs but sometimes dem fit talk say make dem buy specific brand because other ones fit no dey work well. E talk say some of the drugs wey dem dey make for Naija no reach standard, and dat one make doctors no dey trust dem.

Another doctor, Dr. Olusina Ajidahun, talk say plenty of the drugs wey dem dey use for Nigeria na imported ones, and dem no too sabi di ones wey dem dey make for here. E talk say make dem improve how dem dey produce drugs for Naija so that people go fit trust am.

One Pharmacist, Ejiroghene Omaminiovo, talk say the reason why GSK drug prices go up na because dem waka commot for Nigeria and people wey dey sell di drugs no dey get official way to sell am again. She talk say make dem find solution to make di drugs dey available and make dem no too cost.

GSK waka from Nigeria plus di issue of no dollar don cause plenty wahala for drug prices. Ontop say dem get drugs wey dem dey produce for Nigeria, fear say dem no dey effective and di plenty fake ones wey dey market, make doctors and people still dey prefer to buy foreign drugs wey dey cost pass.


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