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We Fit Begin Wear Nose Mask Again


As diphtheria still dey worry some northern states, wahala don show face as dem dey reason whether to bring back the law wey go make people wear face masks again to take stop the spread of the disease, according to Arewa PUNCH investigations.

For make we sabi how bad di matter be, di National Primary Health Care Development Agency talk say 97 percent of di cases happen for Kano, Yobe, Katsina, Borno, Kaduna, and Bauchi states. Over 600 people don kpai, and e dey mostly children. Diphtheria na serious sickness wey dey caused by bacteria wey dem call corynebacterium diphtheriae. Experts talk say e dey spread through droplets wey dey the air when person wey carry the sickness cough or sneeze.

Because of this matter, people for di northern states wey dey affected dey fear say government fit bring back di law wey go make everybody wear face mask, just like the one wey dem do during COVID-19 for 2020.

As di matter dey go, some people no gree di idea of compulsory face mask, while others support am. For example, 28-year-old Adamu Sambo from Jigawa State talk say e go better make government bring back di law because e dey make money from selling face masks. E talk say e no fit wait for the government to make am compulsory like how e be during COVID-19, as e go help e business well-well.
Even though people dey talk different things, experts still believe say vaccination na di best way to prevent diphtheria. But e still dey good to wear face masks because e fit reduce how the sickness go spread through the air. Gombe State Epidemiologist, Dr. Bile Nuhu, talk say health workers suppose wear face masks for their safety, but government never talk say dem go force everybody to wear face mask for street to prevent diphtheria.

Some people talk say dem no mind to wear face mask, e help to reduce how di sickness dey spread, especially during COVID-19. But some other people talk say face mask no dey comfortable for their body and dem no dey gree wear am. Dem dey pray make government no bring back di law wey go make face mask compulsory.

As di argument dey go on, people get different opinions on top how face mask fit work well to prevent diphtheria, and if e dey comfortable for body or not


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