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Na Our Society Dey Make Suicide Dey Increase – Psychiatrists


By Olatunde Olaoluwa

Big psychiatrists don yan say di rise wey we dey see for suicide attempt for Nigeria get to do with plenty wahala wey dey our society today.
Like wahala of money, violennce, poverty, and di anyhow anyhow wey people dey take use drugs.
Dis tori carry weight as dem yan am for one event wey concern World Mental Health Day, organise by The Retreat Healthcare for Lagos on Tuesday.

Dr. Olufemi Oluwatayo, wey be CEO for The Retreat Hospital, talk say government need find better way wey go stop people to dey get access to things wey fit make dem harm demsef. E talk say media self need waka carefully for how dem dey report dis mata wey concern suicide.

Dem also yan say cos of di big money wey E dey take to treat mental health plenty Kontri pipo dey run no get di money to take get care, and E come follow for werin dey make di mata dey worst.

Dr. Femi Olugbile, wey be beta psychiatrist, beg Kontri pipo say make dem shine eye for their mental health, as e fit affect anybody.
Him hail as government don pass Mental Health Bill into law but talk say e still get plenty things wey government suppose do to take make sure say kontri pipo dey see ogbonge healthcare services.


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