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Cancer: Early Detection na di Koko- Bagudu


Di founder Medicaid Cancer Foundation Her, Excellency Dr. Zainab Shinkafi-Bagudu don yan say di walk away cancer event dey shine better light for di issue wey concern cancer. She yan dis one today for Abuja during di five kilometer solidarity walk, Walk Away Cancer 2023.

Di event wey bring plenty celebrities like Ik Ogbonna, Alex Ekubo, Real Warri Pikin and others na di annual event wey Medicaid dey organise to take show support for pipo wey dey suffer from cancer plus to create awareness for cancer and how pipo fit preventam, 

“Young and old people, cancer advocates, cancer survivors, scientists, big politicians, and people wey wan sabi about cancer join body for di matter. Dis wide support and involvement for di cause don make Walk Away Cancer 2023 to kajadly shine.”

One big question wey dey come up be whether di younger generation dey chook leg for cancer wahala. Dr. Zainab, yan say di younger generation don show plenty support for di cancer walk and dis don already tell us say dem dey concern as many of dem don get parents or relative wey don get cancer wahala. 

On top how to take prevent cancer  Bagudu yan say, early detection na eim b di koko. 

“Plenty cancer cases for we kontri dey usually show face when e don already dey stage 3 and 4. To jinja change for dis matter, experts don yan say awareness, regular screening and self-examinations fit helep know say person get am on time. Breast and cervical cancer, na di main cancer wey dey affect women and girls for naija and with early detection we fit reduce di number of pipo wey dey getam every year.’’

As e concern, Human Papiloma Virus Vaccine wey ogbonge government launch on the 24th of dis month, yan say di vaccine dey available for girls wey dey between di age of 9-14 for di event center.

“Di government of Nigeria don recently introduce vaccine wey dey protect against human papillomavirus (HPV), wey dey cause cervical cancer. Dem dey give dis vaccine free to girls wey dey between 9 and 14 years. E still dey accessible to older pipo. Pipo fit collect am for primary health care centers, and e dey safe and e dey work well to prevent cervical cancer.”

Walk Away Cancer 2023 no be just about talk, but about to take strong action to jinja early detection, provide effective treatment, and give support to those wey don waka through cancer. Di event dey remind everybody say awareness and action against cancer dey important to tackle the cancer matter wey dey grow for Africa and Nigeria in particular.


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