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217 Cholera Cases for Ogun, Government Blame Open Defecation


By Olatunde Olaoluwa

Ogun State Government don talk say di 217 cases of cholera wey dey Ijebu North, Abeokuta North, and Abeokuta South Local Government Areas for di state dey happen cos of open defecation. Dem dey worry say human waste dey contaminate shallow wells for dis communities.

To tackle dis wahala, di state government don start to put chlorine for di wells for di areas wey dem affect. Dem don also join hands with di State Ministry of Health, di Ministry of Environment, and oda government bodies to stop di spread of dis dangerous disease.

During one meeting with stakeholders for Abeokuta, di Commissioner for Health, Tomi Coker, yan say e dey importankpa make dem use plenty approach to take make cholera wahala vamuse for di state. Officials from di Public Health Department dey teach people about how to dey clean and maintain good hygiene so dem no go dey get cholera.

Coker yan say dem record 217 cases of cholera for Ijebu-North LGA, some cases for Abeokuta North, and two cases for Abeokuta South LGA. She talk say open defecation, and di anyhow anyhow wey dem dey throway dirty plus sake of say clean water dey scarce naim make di problem dey increase for di area dem. She come suggest say make dem build better toilets and wells for houses to help reduce di sickness no access to clean water naim cause di problem for these areas. She still tell people say make dem boil their water, cover am when dem store am, wash their hand before dem chop, cook their food well, and throw away waste well. All dis go fit help make sure say cholera no spread for the state.


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