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Your environment fit kpai you! See how


Di World Health Organisation don reveal say number of people wey don die because dem no dey live or work for healthy environment as dem calculate don reach 12.6 million.

Dr. Edwin-Isotu Edeh wey be di WHO National Consultant, Public Health and Environment, yan dis one for di 6th annual Association of Nigeria of Health Journalists conference for Akwanga.

Di 3day conference wey ANHEJ collabo with WHO to organise carry di theme “Health Security UHC and National Health: How can Nigeria get it right- The Role of the Media in Perspective”, with sub-theme “FP 2030 targets: Is Nigeria on Track?”.

Edeh tok say di number show 1 inside 4 deaths every year and e dey show say chemicals and waste wey don spoil di air, water and earth since World War II dey deal with people very well.

He point out say di people dey kpai because of disease like heart disease, cancer, and di highest number of deaths per capita wey dey linked to environment dey happen for sub-Saharan Africa.

He still point out say to protect and create healthy environment dey very critical to di Sustainable Development Goals.



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