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We no way strict zero coro policy – China


China don loud am say dem go speed up the vaccination of people from 60years and above against covid 19 after dem don locate new case.

Dem loud am after chinko dem been protest say dem no want strict zero covid policy,and the lockdown plus quarantine orders.

Beijing National Health Commission [NHC] don swear to God say dem go increase vaccination for 80 years person dem and to dey increase vaccination small small for people 60-79.

China’s low vaccination rates, mostly dem older population, don dey seen say na im dey prolong no tolerence approach to covid for china.

NHS officials been loud am give press say na only 65.8% of 80 years person dem dey fully vaccinated.

And china never still allow MRNA vaccines, wey dey work pass the other ones enter public.

Many be get fear for body say plenty man dem fit kpai or evaporate as plenty person dem never dey fully immunized .


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