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We don comot money for healthcare – Anambra State


Anambra state government don allocate N5.7billion for the 2023 budget as dem wan put money for healthcare needs of residents for the state.

State Commisioner for Health, Dr Afam Obidike, talk for friday as im been dey defend ministry budget in front of the house of assembly commitee on Health.

Obidike yarn say ministry of health been get about N5.7billion wey be 5% for the total budget for the state.

Even tho e no reach 15% wey dem agree for Abuja Declaration but dem go sabi the gra gra wey de state dey into.

Report dey say counter part funding still dey wey go assist health sector.

Dem still yarn say health dey impotankpa but dem still focus for road infrastructure.

As dem dey look at some of the minstry achievementsfor 2022, commissioner still yarn say about dem put about 300 personel for work make shaortage no dey for state health personel.

E dey reported say, as im sidon for office, e reach 19 hospitals wey no get health workers. doctors to patients ratio na one doctor to 30,000 patients.

Although say dem don improve am to 1 doctor to 10,000 patients .Dem still dey work make dem improve more.

E dey say dem now get cervical and breast cancer screening centers for 10 health facilities wey dey partner with WHO as dem wan dey save sisi dem cancer.

Obidike still yarn say ministry don plan to get more for 2023 to make healthcare accesible and cheap to people for the state.

Mr Obinna Emenaka wey be chairman House Comitee for Finance and Appropration, been cry for the low budgetry allocation to health, as dem talk say e fit affect development of health system.

Dr Carter Dike-Umeh wey be the Chiarman Committee on Health, been twale to the ministry as dem get better budget for 2022.



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