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New variant fit show for naija – WHO


WHO don warn say new variant fit commot again as dem don see say 90percent for world population don give COVID-19 blow for eye.

WHO Organiser wey be Tedros Adhanom Ghebereyesus talk am say, but as sleeep don dey enter eye gradually, gap don dey wey fit make new virus run enter globally.

WHO don run am say atleast 90% of the world population don get levels for immunity to SARS-CoV-2 as dem dey vaccinate on a daily as Tedros sstill dey talk on virus wey dey cause COVID-19.

Report still carry am as im talk say dem don dey close reach level wey e be say emergency no fit dey COVID-19 again.

As matter be gaps don plenty for surveillance,vaccination testing and sequencing and e fit carry worse case of the virus come.

As e report na last week make am one year wey dem announce omicron as chalachala variant for concern for the COVID-19 pandemic, tedros note am.

And e don sweep world round dey show say e dey more transmissible pass e predecessor, Delta.

Tedros don loud am say over 500 transmissible Omicron sub-lineages dey circulate and e dey able to get immunity wellaeven if the varient no dey mad like that.

Countries don report 6.6 million over kpai kpai to WHO from de 640 million cases wey dem register.

But UN health agency don yarn say this one fit be major undercount.

E still dey reported say more dan 8,500 people don kpai to COVID as of last week, which no dey legit as dem been get tools to prevention and save lives.


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