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Na strike remain for us, as govt no gree shake body – Doctors


Di 21-day ultimatum wey medical doctors give Abia State Government to pay Abia State University Teaching Hospital workers dia salary arrears don dey end and government never do shake body at all or even show say dem go shake body.

For announcement wey di Abia State Branch of Nigerian Medical Association drop for dia End of one Emergency General Meeting for Aba Zonal Secretariat, on Sunday, December 4, 2022, di doctors say e pain dem say di government no move at all for di deadline and doctors wey dey work for ABSUTH and HMB never collect salaries between 21 and 25 months and 13 months.

For di statement wey di NMA Abia State Chairmo Dr. Abali Isaiah and Dr. Daniel Ekeleme, di Secretary sign, dem no dey back down for dia ultimatum and di government must pay wetin dem suppose pay doctors on or before 8th December if dey no want indefinite strike from all di Doctors wey dey Federal, State, and private sectors for Abia State.

Di association also point out say na ABSG people go hold for neck if any bad thing happen for diahealth sector when dis strike happen.


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