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Many countries no get money for clean water – WHO


World Health Organisation and United Nations don reveal say sharp sharp work suppose dey to fit get safe and sustainably managed water, sanitation and hygiene wey dey in line with United Nations Sustainable Development Goal.

Global Analysis and Assessment of Sanitation and Drinking Water report wey WHO and UN-Water drop show wetin WASH systems don dey do for more than 120 countries.

Di report show say 45 percent of countries don already dey road to get dia nationally-defined drinking-water coverage targets and na only 25 percent of countries don dey road to get dia national sanitation targets.

Di report still show say less than one third of countries don reveal say dem get enough human resources to push día key drinking water, sanitation and hygiene functions.

Di report still show say WASH budgets for some countries don increase and more than 75 percent of countries don open up say dem no get enough funding to start dia dia WASH plans and strategies.


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