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If your knackology reduce plenty, find help! – Sex therapist


One sex therapist, Dr. Charles Umeh, don beg make couple dem no dey shame to find help when dia knackology for bedroom no dey go well again especially after pikin don come.

Umeh point out say make dey no dey see am say na di woman mata alone but na both husband and wife gats go find help together.

Umeh wey also be consultant clinical psychologist and dey work for Lagos Teaching Hospital, reveal say woman urge fit reduce after she don born because of all di pain dey see for childbirth but e no dey normal for her to lose interest after she don dey, get time to heal well.

Mayo Clinic publish say woman suppose wait between four to six weeks after she don born, no mata how she take born before she open leg for her husband because plenty risk and complications dey especially for di 2 weeks after she born if she try to knack.

Some experts also point out say some women fit get health mata wey go affect am and her attitude to knack after she born like postpartum discharge, vaginal tears, fatigue, vaginal dryness, and pain.

Dey note say once di woman don heal finish and she don dey alright but no wan knack again, dey suppose go find medical help from specialist because e no dey normal for woman wey been dey very active for knackology before to just say she no dey do again after she don born finish.


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