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Footballers brain dey damage once dey old – Report


Study don show say Footballers fit get worse brain health after dem don reach 65 years more than any other person.

Di SCORES project wey dem base for di University of East Anglia in eastern England been use online system to monitor brain health of people as e dey go down and dem put 145 footballers for di project, wey include former Crystal Palace striker Mark Bright and the ex-Norwich duo of Jeremy Goss and Iwan Roberts.

Di study show say around 40-50 age group, dem dey do better than others for di assessment, but as dem dey get older, e turn around.

Di SCORES report data follow research FIELD study for Glasgow University, wey been show say footballers dey three-and-a-half times more likely to die of neurodegenerative disease more than dia age mates for di population.

Di research cone lead to renewed calls for greater protection for players from a concussion and di long-term impact wey dem dey get as dem dey hit ball with día head.

Even tho di physical exercise wey footballers dey do dey help dem, once dey retire, e dey be another thing.


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