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Coro virus: China don ease lockdown


China don dey calm as this COVID-19 mata don dey give dem red eye like dem put something for nose, as dem don dey ease some coro restrictions even as the virus dey chop dem like fufu, after curbs don protest for mother land.

Plenty cities for chinko don dey allow business make e open as dem dey lift lockdown, even as the virus still dey chop dem like pikin wey dey chop suya wey no done.

Health authorities wey announce the relaxation no put the protests wey happen plus candle light wey dem light for mindnight for Beijing and fight area bois give police for Guangzhou plus d one wey happen for Iphone factory last week.

The demonstration been mark the biggest civil disobedience for mainland china since wey dem presido Xi Jinping jump for seat one decade ago as things wan use idea take hard like dem never see before.

State media been report as Vice Premier, Sun Chunlan wey dey know things wey dey happen talk say the virus no dey fit dey cause diseases like dat again.

Less dan 24 hours wey area vex scatter everywhere for Guangzhou, authorities for atleast seven district don sharparly lift ban for lockdown.

One district loud am say dem go allow schools, restaurants and cinemas reopen. Di matter be say dem don dey implement some changes for area.


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