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Coro and insecurity dey make HIV/AIDS worse – Experts.


Naija join hand with di world dey celebrate di 2022 World AIDS Day today and health experts don put dia voice say na insecurity, COVID-19 and poverty as major roadblocks wey no dey gree HIV treatment reach everybody for naija.

Di experts yan say even tho poverty na big palava already, coro and insecurity don make di problem worse and dey come beg make Federal Government stand strong to solve break di roadblocks.

World AIDS Day na day wey dem dey use raise awareness about AIDS, come remember di ones wey don die, still celebrates di ones wey jump to victory, every 1st December. Dem dey also use dat opportunity dey tok about how dem go handle treatment.

Di tag for dis year ‘Equalize’ and na because dem wan show light on di fact say HIV/AIDS dey affect economic and social inequity, because na because wey get low socio-economic status e dey affect more.


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