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Cold no dey cause Pneumonia – Physician


One Public Health Physician, Dr. Rahmat Odesesan, don reveal say no be cold dey cause pneumonia as people dey think, but na infection dey cause am.

Odesesan wey be di Medical Officer of Health, Ikorodu Local Government Area, Lagos State, don beg make parents no dey expose dia pikin dem to any kain of smoke because organisms like bacteria, viruses, and fungi, fit cause pneumonia.

Di physician yan say make parents dey very careful for things dem dey do wey fit expose dia pikin dem to pneumonia like cooking with stoves inside di house or poor hygiene practices.

World Health Organisation explain say Pneumonia na form of acute respiratory infection wey viruses or bacteria dey mostly cause and na vaccines fit help prevent am as e dey deadly to everybody no matter dia age.

Dey yan say pneumonia na di single largest infectious cause of death for pikin dem for di world.

Odesesan come point out say pneumonia na one of di major killers for pikin dem wey never reach 5 years but if good nutrition and good hygiene practices dey, e fit prevent am.


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