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Beijing don comot coro policies


Beijing don finally win di zero-Covid fight and don cancel all di big lockdowns, mandatory quarantine for central facilities, and plenty other strong rules dem been put for di coro.

Di central government also start to dey dissolve all di policies dem been make, even di “Communications Itinerary Card” wey di state been dey use to track if person don enter area wey dey high for coro, go off on Tuesday 12am.

Di “Itinerary Card” wey dey center of di zero-Covid policy for China been get millions of di people to put dia number so e go show sign to move for di areas wey coro no plenty, been first come out for 2020, but na just one of plenty apps wey fit track person and dia coro situation as some people been dey still use dia local “health codes” wey dia city dey run to enter shops and offices.

Everything don dey come down even tho say expert been warn say Omicron cases fig jump high scatter di country because plenty older people never collect vaccine.


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