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Amenu Okposi people don use two hands grab beta life!


The talkhealth9ja and Make Our Hospital work team dey go round Ebonyi to make sure say people understand wetin dem suppose do to upgrade or build dia health centres.

Di Amenu Okposi people hear dis message, come open hand grab am.

We get di complete success story here:

In their bid to have basic healthcare services, the people of Amenu Village, Okposi, decided to build a primary health care facility. They wanted one they could call their own. The private facility in their village is not affordable to many of their people.

The consistent advocacy by the TalkHealth9ja and the Ebonyi Make Our Hospital Work Campaign through TalkHealth9ja radio show paid off. The show on Unity FM Abakaliki and the community sensitization activities were supported by the Open Society Initiative For West Africa (OSIWA). They campaigned fervently for the formation of Community/Village Health Committee and strengthening of existing ones as required by the National Health Act 2014 and referenced in the Ward Health System developed by the Government of Nigeria, the Amenu Okposi people realized they could take their health matters into their own hands and this led to the reconstitution of the PHC project committee to form the village health committee. With the new vigour, the committee intensified their efforts on the PHC building project and were able to raise more money. With more knowledge about their roles, women appear to have taken over and are the lead champions of the project.

Amenu Okposi Health Centre under construction

A townhall meeting and sensitization program was organized on 28th May 2022 by the MakeOurHospitalWork team in collaboration with Talkhealth9ja with support from OSIWA to properly educate them on what they need to know concerning their primary healthcare centre.

The Okposi MakeOurHospitalWork Team, equipped with Health Policy Documents, read out and explained the obligations and duties of the village as regards their healthcare and healthcare facility while also engaging health worker in the community on improvements they need to work on in order to hasten their relocation to a new facility.

The villagers pledged to support the health committee efficiently and assist in whichever way possible to make sure their new health facility is completed.

They also pledged to liaise with the local vigilantes and neighbourhood watch to provide security for the healthcare facility, fix some of the broken structures of the health facility currently in use, construct seats for the facility, organize a fund raising/ Contributory plan for the health facility and very importantly, to organize regular health promotion and awareness activities within the village.

A gift of customized Make Our Hospital Work hand washing bucket with stand and examination couch presented by the Okposi Make Our Hospitals Work Campaign lead, Raphael Okereke and Engr. Edwin Njoku to the village.

When the project is completed, the people of Amenu Okposi in Ebonyi State will be able to have quality basic healthcare services and this was partially made possible by the Make Our Hospital Work sensitization campaigns.


  1. Congratulations to the People of Amenu Okposi…I sincerely applaud the committees and leaders in Amenu Okposi most especially the women, for their stupendous dedication to the welfare and growth of the community. This is really a lofty achievement for the people of Amenu Okposi, and I pray for more positive achieve


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