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11% of Naija people get Fungal infections – Experts


Medical experts don reveal say like 11.8 per cent of Naija people dey suffer fungal infections every year.

Di experts yan for di fungal disease surveillance stakeholders meeting wey di Nigeria Centre for Disease Control organise on Monday, say invasive fungal infections dey very deadly and e fit kpai person if dem no notice or treat am.

Dey yan say e dey affect people wey dey get very serious health mata especially di ones wey don spoil dia immune system and di people like that na mainly di ones wey get cancer, HIV/AIDS, organ transplants, chronic respiratory disease, and post-primary tuberculosis infection.

Invasive fungal infections na those infections wey dey happen when fungi enter deep tissue for body, come settle inside there to cause serious disease.

Associate professor for di University of Lagos and Head of Medical Microbiology and Parasitology for UNILAG and Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Rita Oladele reveal say even tho reports don show say dis fungal disease dey kill well well, naija no too send am.

She point out say mycology lab no dey and na only four antifungal agents dey registered for naija.


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