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We need investment for good drinking water – UN Agencies


Some United Nations agencies don yan say na better investment wey government stand for im back go help people get access to safe drinking water.

WHO, UNICEF, and World Bank come together release report say make government no only bring money for investment for safe drinking water but make dem make sure say na better people wey go coordinate am well dem put.

Di report wey di State of the World’s Drinking Water drop show say more than two billion people don get access to better drinking water for di last 20 years and na di quick urbanisation dey give cities headache on how dem go dey give water to plenty people wey dey inside ghetto.

Di WHO Director for di Department of Environment, Climate Change and Health, Dr. Maria Neira tok say access to safe drinking water don save plenty lives wey be mostly children but climate change dey chop idat achievements, so dem need to put more power because safe water na something wey dey very necessary.

Neira still yan say di report dey show link wey water, health and development get with better ideas wey government and dia partners fit adopt because dem use examples of how countries dey help to reach di Sustainable Development Goal target for safe drinking water for everybody by 2030.

Di Global Director for World Bank Group’s Water Global Practice, Mr. Saroj Jha, point out say to invest for water and sanitation dey very impotankpa to health, economic growth and environment.


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