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Toilet hygiene go reduce disease – Hypo


Hypo Toilet Cleaner don point out say better toilet hygiene go reduce di way disease dey spread.

Di organisation drop statement say dem join hands with Lagos State Ministry of Environment and Water Resources and the National Youth Service Corp so dem go mark di 2022 World Toilet Day.

Di statement wey dem title ‘Making the invisible visible,’ help sensitise people wey dey 5 locations, wey be Lagos, Ibadan, Port Harcourt, Abuja and Kano for Naija on how dem go dey use toilet well to maintain hygiene.

Di statement wey di Hypo Toilet Cleaner, Brand Manager Mr. Chetan Katarki drop say:

“We at Hypo Toilet Cleaner are committed to reducing open defecation and improving toilet hygiene, thereby creating a cleaner, safer Nigeria.

“Last week’s festivities provided us with the perfect platform to spread awareness of the dangers of open defecation and its impact on fellow citizens, as well as to highlight the importance of good toilet hygiene which minimises the risk of preventable disease. We are honored by the opportunity and humbled by the participation of so many purpose-driven and enthusiastic NYSC corps members who lent their time and voice to this great cause.”

“Hypo Toilet Cleaner team went to Sura shopping complex on Lagos Island to commission another set of sixteen toilet units and two changing rooms built for the community.

These are in addition to the previously commissioned facilities under the Hypo Toilet Rescue project, bringing the total number of refurbished facilities to over 130 across Nigeria.”


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