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Run plenty test before you marry! E get why! – Experts


Experts for health don beg make men and women dey put eye for ground well for dia fertility health and make sure dem treat am especially before dem marry. Di experts yan say even tho some of dis mata dey look small like say no be big issue, e fit cause serious problem to couple wey dey find pikin for future.

Dey also reveal say make women dey look into things wey dey happen for dia body like for abnormal, absent, or irregular periods before marriage and also make men dey look well well to change wey dey happen like shrinking of the testicles.

Di experts still open up say e dey pain dem say na only women dey get attack when infertility issue happen, because both men and women dey put hand for di mata so make both of dem check themselves well before dey marry.

Di experts still add say if man and woman dey check dia body well before dem marry, dey fit notice signs wey go cause kasala for future. (Punch Healthwise)


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