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Poor countries no get mouth for where vaccines dey – WHO


Di World Health Organisation open up for dia first global data report on the global vaccine market since Covid, say e dey pain dem say di world no dey fit access vaccines wey dey very importankpa especially for lower-income countries.

Di report show say di distribution problem no affect only COVID-19 vaccines because poorer countries dey struggle everyday to get día hands for vaccines but countries wey get money just dey gather am anyhow and na dis dey make distribution cause problem for di world.

P Di report show say human papillomavirus vaccine wey dem dey give against cervical cancer just dey for only 41 per cent of low-income countries, even tho di disease dey affect dem too much Meanwhile rich countries get 83 percent of di vaccines.

Di report show say na affordability be di problem wey countries get to collect vaccines.


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