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Pneumonia dey kpai pikin dem anyhow – NGO


One non-governmental organisation, Save the Children International Nigeria don stand gidigba with Lagos State Government to catch pneumonia wey dey disturb pikin dem.

Di NGO reveal say dem been dash hospital equipment and infection prevention and control materials wey dey more than N23m to some healthcentres for Ikorodu Local Government Area of Lagos State make dem help cut pneumonia for pikin dem for di state.

Dem yan say dis one dem do dis one for dia intervention programme wey be Integrated Sustainable Childhood Pneumonia and Infectious Diseases Reduction for Nigeria and na GlaxoSmithKline dey support am.

Di Project Manager for the INSPIRING project for Lagos State, Mrs. Folake Kuti reveal say di donation na to mark World Pneumonia Day dis year as na di disease dey kill children wey never reach 5 years more for Naija.

She point out say plenty things wey dem fit do to stop pneumonia for pikin dem plenty and na by working with the health workers, the state government, and the community people go help cut di disease for di country.

Di project manager reveal say di NGO dem don train health workers on how dem go find out still treat pikin dem wey get pneumonia.


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