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Pikin dem fit get diabetes too if … – Endocrinologist


One Consultant Paediatrician and Endocrinologist for di Federal Teaching Hospital Gombe, Dr. Olatoke Lukman, don beg make plenty awareness dey for diabetes because e dey grow every day and some people wey get am, no even know.

Dr. Lukman point out say some children dey dey affected because most people never go test to find out of dem get am or not.

Di endocrinologist been tok for programme wey dem use mark di 2022 World Diabetes Day by the Society for Paediatric and Adolescents Endocrinology of Nigeria as dem collabo with Department of Paediatric Federal Teaching hospital Gombe.

Report show say dem add 10-kilometer walk for pikin dem wey get diabetes mellitus as part of di program and dey start di walk for Federal Teaching hospital Gombe with pikin dem wey get diabetes, their doctors, nurses and parents, make dem create awareness to wetin di disease be and wetin e dey cause plus how dem fit manage am.

Plenty other experts been follow di walk come dey beg make people dey check dia sugar level all di time because e dey help control and avoid low or high blood sugar.

Dr. Lukman, add say mama and papa dem to know how dem go take care of dia pikin wey get di disease because diabetes mellitus dey affect every age even pikin dem wey no get plenty insulin for body.


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