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PHC for naija na yama yama – CODE


Non-profit organisation,connected develpment ,don kowashiate say poor state of primary Healthcare center for area need beta attention.

Lead for project for Kano State , Mr Abass Adamu, don pass CODE’s position for Ungogo Local Government Area for kano state on tuesday wen im give presentation for primary health care centres 2022 Survey/findings.

Adamu kowashiate say dem align the findings via transprency and Accountability project of COVID-19,as dem devote am to transparency and accountability on wetn government dey spend for Africa.

Im yarn say data wey dem collobi dey analysed for related areas wey include: Water, sanitation and hygiene infrastructure, personel , service delivery, con enter COVID-19 administration.

Adamu yarn say out of 783 PHCs wey dem visit 297 no dey connected to national grid for power.

Im still add say ,like 137 dey use only NEPA, so if dem take light na candle and torch dem go dey use .Im still pin point say 64% PHCs wey dem visit dey use water ; 2 commot from 10 dey use well den d rest na borehole.264 PHCs of 783 wey im visit no get man or woman toilet, na one dem dey use.


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