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People wey día heart dey beat fast fast fit get stroke – Cardiologist


Cardiologist for Abuja, Dr. Okechukwu Anthony, don reveal say people wey no get regular heartbeat and dia heart dey beat fast fast (arrhythmia) fit get stroke because dey get high risk.

He reveal say di condition wey dem dey call Atrial fibrillation fit lead to blood clots and heart failure and even other heart problems.

Di cardiologist point out say person wey get di A-fib fit live normal life even tho e dey make person uncomfortable and to need treatment because if e dey persistent , e fit start to dey weak di heart come dey cut down strength wey di heart dey use pump blood.

He tok say dem no really know wetin dey cause am but drinking plenty alcohol and smoking fit trigger am for certain group of people especially older people from 75 even tho e fit still happen to any adult and na mostly men dey get am.

Di cardiologist yan say treatment fit be medication to control di heart rate or rhythm and medication to prevent clots wey fit form for di blood.



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