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Our bill go change naija bad name for drugs – PSN


Di Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria don confam say di Pharmacy Bill go cut down di wrong channel wey drug dey follow wey don make Naija bad name for fake drugs.

Di Presido for di society, Cyril Usifo for di 95th annual conference dem just complete twale for di country Presido, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), say him gree give consent for di Pharmacy Bill.

Usifo come still beg make people wey dey hustle to enter president seat from all di parties begin dey check for better investment for healthcare because pharmacy sector dey bring plenty goodies for di country.

He come still beg make Federal government put eye to make sure say di petrochemical industry dey work well because e go help di pharma sector and pharmacists for Naija suppose be di primary producers for APIs, excipients, equivalents, packaging materials and all di finished products so dem go fit reach level wey medicine dey enough and secured.


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