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Old people need daycare centres! – Coalition


Di Coalition of Societies for the Rights of Older Persons in Nigeria don beg government for every level make dem open day care centres for old people for di country.

Di presido for di coalition wey be Sen. Eze Ajoku tok dis one wen dem do coalition hangout for Abuja on Sunday and him explain say di daycare centres for older people go be like recreation centres so di older ones go fit dey relate with people dia age and still have fun because e go help dem dey healthy still live longer.

Di presido still stand for dia promise say dem dey committed to di health and wellbeing for di older people, so make government set up dis centres for both di state and local governments.

Mrs. Victoria Onu wey be di Secretary General of the group point out say older people deserve di best c are and make di younger people pay attention to dem.

Dem also add medical checkups, dancing, and playing of games, such as Ludo, Drought, Chess, and others for di hangout wey happen for Mabushi.



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