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No fear, you fit still get belle if…. – Expert


Medical experts don reduce fear wey some women wey dia ovulation no straight get, say dem fit still get belle, even tho some dey get infertility problem because problem dey for di normal way reproduction suppose occur.

Di experts reveal say like 20 percent of women wey don reach to carry belle dey get irregular ovulation wey medicine dey call Anovulation.

Dem yan say na health mata like polycystic ovarian syndrome – a hormonal disorder, premature ovarian failure, thyroid dysfunction, diabetes mellitus, and excessive weight gain dey carry irregular ovulation come.

Cleveland Clinic wey be medical center wey dey drop online health education and information, tok say anovulation dey occur when egg (ovum) no release from di ovary of di woman when she dey her period. Dey yan say e dey common and naim dey cause like 25 percent of infertility cases.

Dey come add also say one person in ten for everyone wey get ovaries and don reach to carry pikin dey experience am sometime for dia life.


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