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Ndibe people dey cry! See why!


Ndibe Health committee dey cry give Ebonyi state government to come help dem fir dia health center mata.

Dem yarn this one during visit wey di MakeOurHospitalWorkCampaign team and the TalkHealth9ja team wey di oga kpata kpata of the campaign wey also double as de oga kpata kpata for TalkHealth9ja, the body mata sabinus, Laz Ude Eze lead come.

According to wetin di health committee chair, Mr. Sunday Idam Okoh tok, di health center dey work kajadly but one thing wey no dey allow dem sleep be say dem no get enough staff for the health center.

He continue yarn say dem seriously need doctor and other health workers to take support the work wey dey go on for the primary health care center.

“As a community we don hire extra three health workers to take support the one wey government give us but as e be so, dem no still dey enough as dis be the only hospital wey we get.

We even get accommodation for we healthworkers dem, because we no wan make dem dey stress demselves dey look for place to stay and we also wan make dem for dey available anytime wey patient come like incase of emergency issue”.

Mr. Okoh come carry plenty thank you drop for the MakeOurHospitalWork Campaign, say na dem open dia eye to take know say community follow get hospitals wey dem for dem community.


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