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Naija no get radiography machine – NCS


President for Naija Cancer Society wey be Dr. Adamu Umar talk say Naija get only 13 radiography machine.

Im still open fow nyash for this matter say radiotherapy machines wey dey government facilities na yawa, e no dey work.

Radiation therapy na type of treatment wey dem dey use beam of light wey get borku energy take kpai cancer cells .

World Health Organisation yarn say more than 50 cancer patients go dey need radiotherapy back to back for common types like breast ,cervical, and lung cancer.

Still yet radiotheraphy machines no boku especially for low and middle-income countries.

As Globocan set am Naija get reach 211,052 of breast, prostrate, cervical, colorectrum and Non-Hodgkin Iymphoma cancers for Naija.

Globocan na online database wey dey provide cancer statistics and estimates for incidence and mortality for 185 counries and 36 types of cancers, and cancer sites


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