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Na healthcare dey kpai mama and pikin for delivery – Minister


Di Minister for Health, Dr. Osagie Ehanire open up for di ministerial forum inside Abuja say di main mata wey dey cause mamá and pikin death especially di ones wey never reach 5 years na because dem no fit access healthcare.

NAN report say di newest United Nations Children’s Fund report wey dey name “Situation of Women and Children in Nigeria” tok say di country dey record in 100,000 live births, 576 mama dem dey die and like 262,000 pikin dem dey die when dem born dem every year.

Number of pikin wey dey die for birth na 69 inside every 1,000 and 128 inside very 1,000 for di ones wey dey under 5 years, as more than 64 percent dey die because of pneumonia, malaria and diarrhea.

Ehanire yan say di figure dey very bad and that Federal Government dey try dia best so dem go carry healthcare to areas where e dey very poor.

He also yan say immediately dem set up Primary Healthcare Centres wey dey work for every ward, na better midwives wey sabi work go dey handle am. He come still tok say di Federal Government don join hand with state governments make dem make sure say staff dey enough for every PHC because na di states and local governments dey in charge of everybody wey dey work for PHCs.


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