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Most women no know say dem get STD – Expert


People wey get strong head for Maternal health don urge women make dem take STD prevention very seriously, say dem body fit contact am easily cus of there anatomy .

As experts take talk am , women genital tract get wider surface pass man dem own, so dem fit collect STDs easily .Dem still talk say STDs fit destroy things for women body pass men dem own.

Dem don put am down say STDs fit scatter female reproductive system so women no fit give belle.

The gynaecologist talk for her interview with PUNCH Healthwise say most females no dey even sabi say dem get am until dem carry dem body go test.

One of the strong head gyaenecologist and before-before chiarman, society of gyaenecology and Obsterics Naija, lagos chapter, Dr Joseph Akinde, say women no dey too seek treatment because symptoms no dey too show, but men own dem dey show sote dem go treatment.

Akinde wey still be Medical director for private hospitalwey be Living Spring Hospital, Ejigbo, say STDs dey quick destroy women body pass men dem.

Im say women wey get STDs fit dey experience low abdorminal pain and vaginal discharge as symptom.

The gyneacologyst still talk say STDs fit destroy women body pass men ,say women fit dey get chronic ill health, chronic pelvic pain, and infertility.


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