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Monkeypox dey affect men more – Uganda Health Ministry


Di Ministry of Health for Uganda don reveal say na di Sudan strain for di Ebolavirus cause di Ebola outbreak dem get for di country.

Uganda don record 141 cases wey dem don confam and 55 people wey don kpai since dem confam di outbreak for September 20th.

Also na 19 cases and 7 death dem don record for di healthcare people.

Even tho new cases dey come up, di Health Ministry for Uganda yan say e dey drop for di last 3 weeks after e been reach di highest for inside 17 – 23 October.

Di ministry cone reveal say na mostly male people e dey affect as dem get 57.5 percent for all di cases wey dey and na people we dey age between 20-29 years e dey touch more as di ones wey dey 30-39 years dey follow dem for back.

Also, pikin dem wey dey under 10 years get like 25 percent of di cases and e show say e dey possible say e dey move around for houses.


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