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Give your pikin measles vaccine make dem no die! – NPHCDA


Di National Primary Health Care Development Agency don beg make parents and people wey dey take care of pikin dem make sure say dem take di vaccines against measles because di disease dey very bad.

Di Executive Director for NPHCDA, Dr. Faisal Shuaib, tok on Tuesday for Abuja say measles dey mostly affect children wey dey under 5 years and e fit kpai dem.

NAN reports measles is report say measles na pikin infection wey virus dey cause and e been dey common but now vaccine dey to prevent am.

E other name na rubeola and e dey quick spread and e fit kpai small children because e still dey kill almost 200,000 pikin every year even tho say di death rates don dey fall.

Shuaib reveal say measles dey reduce strength wey children get to fight disease and e go make dem dey fall sick every time.

Di NPHCDA oga beg parents make dem make sure say every pikin collect measles and yellow fever vaccine as di agency dey run one integrated campaign.



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