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Dis na last chance to get climate right – SCI


One non-governmental organisation, Save the Children International, don ask world leaders wey dey di United Nation’s climate change summit for Egypt to work on climate emergency and make dem put support to create new loss and damage climate finance mechanism wey go help solve di palava wey di climate crisis get for rights of pikin dem.

Di SCI point out say di climate change summit wey dem dey call COP27 stand for di last chance wey di world get to make sure say climate emergency dey under control and to drop funding so dem go fit make di planet safe for generations wey still dey come.

Di organization yan say dis support dey very necessary because serious flooding don scatter di lives of more than 19 million pikin dem for Naija, Pakistan, India, Chad, and South Sudan, between August and October this year.

Di International Disasters Database reveal say di flooding for dis five countries affect 38.7 million people, kpai thousands and scatter lives of millions.


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