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Dem fit cut your feet comot if you get diabetes! See why!


Specialist for Endocrinology wey be Dr. Afoke Isiavwe don yan say make people wey get diabetes dey check dia feet all di time so dem no go get diabetes feet problem.

Dr. Isiavwe been yan as dem dey mark di 2022 World Diabetes Day say di check dey importankpa because e go reduce di number of foot cases wey diabetes people get.

Di expert point out say diabetes foot na big palava wey dey complicate diabetes mellitus for Naija and e fit make dem cut off di leg if e no dey managed well.

Di endocrinologist come yan say people wey no fit control dia diabetes dey always get other plenty palava wey join di disease come like blindness, foot amputation, or even death.

Di International Diabetes Federation and the World Health Organisation dey celebrate World Diabetes Day every year for November 14.

Isiavwe wey be Madam Medical Director of Rainbow Specialist Medical Centre, Lagos, reveal say dia hospital, Rainbow Hospital, go dey do free screening for diabetes people all through November to mark di event.


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