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Covid vaccines fit cause heavy menses – Specialists


Specialists for di European Medicines Agency don warn say some COVID-19 vaccines fit cause heavy menstruation so make dem add am for list o effects.

Dey yan say reports don come in show say some people get heavy bleeding after dem take di first, second and even booster doses for Comirnaty (Pfizer) and Spikevax (Moderna) vaccines and dey come suggest make dem add di study to di product informate for di 2 mRNA Covid-19 vaccines.

Di EMA statement still point out say evidence never dey to know whether di menstrual palava dey affect reproduction or fertility and also di benefits wey di vaccines get plenty pass di risks and problem e dey bring.

Di National Medicine Safety Agency (ANSM) for France beeninterview some women for July, come pass dia report give EMA but researchers never find any connection wey dey very accurate.

Di reports show say di changes dey mainly affect how long di bleeding go last and how strong e go come out and dis dey dey painful sometimes.

Some women dey get symptoms for up to 6 months and some no dey get serious symptoms wey dey dey short.

Di French agency still dey research for di mata.



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