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Cholera don dey swallow we country – Cameroon


Di Cameroon minister of Public Health, Manaouda Malachite don yarn say cholera don spread reach 8 out of 10 regions wey cameroon get plus the center region, and e don kpai 272 people since October 2021.

Manouda been yarn give press say, for capital city, Yaounde say e don reach 12,952 people wey di disease don enter dem body.

The minister yarn say dem dey fight tooth and nail to stop the spread of this disease ,but shaa people go dey try too to dey keep the main hygiene rules, that one mean say dem go dey keep dem body and dem area clean, and say anybody wey notice the sign make dem run go hospital kiakia.

Im talk say by Wednesday, e don enter record say the highest number of people wey don kpai for this disease na health officials for south west.

Di officials com carry blame give poor sanitation and hygiene wey never dey proper proper.

Cholera na very dangerous disease wey e be say e dey show wen e don serious well well, person go suddenly dey poo water water as diarrhoea and di disease go com dry water commot for person body and na dat one go fit make person kpai.


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