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Burnt food no dey cause cancer – Expert


Diet expert wey be Mrs .yemisi Soanke Lawal don yarn say proof no dey say if u dey chop food wey burn e fit give person cancer.

PUNCH Healthwise put body give Mrs Lawal wey be Chief Executive Officer for Evergreen Health and Social Care International, talk say plenty people don put am for mind say burnt food dey carry cancer.

The nutritionist said proof dey say to dey chop processed meat, ultraviolet light from the sun, smoking and obesity fit dey cancer.

Research wey cancer reseach UK get be say acrylamide na chemical wey dey for food wey get starch if dem cook am for long for high temprature.

You fit still find acrylimide for baking, frying, grilling, toasting or roasting and food like biscuits and coffee.

The recent article wey the official site of the University of Birmingham carry na say cancer no get direct evidence say if person dey chop burnt food e fit increase risk of getting cancer.


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