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Antibiotics fit cause cancer if … – NCDC


Nigeria Centre for Disease Control don warn naija people wey dey train animals for chop make dem no dey abuse antibiotics dem dey give di animals because di particles wey di drug dey leave for di eggs, milk, and meat fit cause cancer and other mata for human being.

Di NCDC yan say antibiotics wey dem dey use for animals dey cause serious health palava for human beings dem and na because nobody dey really monitor how these people dey use di drugs.

Di agency been yan this one when dem do carry go for campaign dem for microbial resistance for naija and dem use am mark di 2022 World Antimicrobial Awareness Week wey dey happen from November 18 to 24 every year.

Na NCDC partner with Federal Ministry of Health, Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Federal Ministry of Environment plus other people to organise di event.

Di Director General for the disease control agency, Dr. Ifedayo Adetifa, been release statement say antimicrobials dey very necessary to dey help treat some disease for human beings and animals like sepsis, pneumonia, and other serious infections wey fit kpai life but microbes like bacteria fit build wall wey go block am from antimicrobials if dem no use am well.


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