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AMR fit kpai 10 million people for 2050 – Pfizer


Pfizer don yan say Antimicrobial Resistance go cause 10 million people to kpai for di world by 2050 and na why as di world dey mark World Antimicrobial Awareness Week wey dey always happen for November, Pfizer dey beg make government and other stakeholders for di pharmaceutical industry put hand together support innovation for development of new antibiotics and vaccines wey go help stop spread of AMR.

Antimicrobial resistance na when germs like bacteria and fungi come dey strong to fight drugs wey suppose dey kill dem, so dey go just dey grow.

Pfizer reveal for dia statement say AMR na one of di biggest global health risks wey dey happen and people gats understand wetin e be first before dem go try to fight am.

Di statement tok say:

‘‘This year, at Pfizer we encourage all individuals, societies, industries, governments, and NGOs to come together to Stop Superbugs and Help Protect Tomorrow.

‘‘AMR is widely recognised as one of the biggest threats to global health today, with the potential of affecting anyone, at any age, in any country. 1.27 million deaths per year are directly attributable and almost 5 million deaths per year are associated with AMR. Without action by governments, industries, and societies, AMR is expected to cause 10 million deaths globally each year by 2050.

‘‘Governments, industries, and the public health communities must work together to take action and support measures to enable continued innovation in the development of new antibiotics and vaccines and help curb the spread of AMR. At Pfizer, we strive to maximise the progress and overcome the unique scientific, economic, public health, and environmental challenges presented by AMR by leveraging our expertise and capabilities to share solutions with our healthcare partners around the world.”


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