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Amorie Ozizza people don dey upgrade their healthcare!


The talkhealth9ja and Make Our Hospital work team dey go round Ebonyi to make sure say people understand wetin dem suppose do to upgrade or build dia health centres.

Di Amorie Ozizza people collect dis advice come upgrade dia health centre and we get di complete success story from dem.

The Amorie Oziza people are one of the few who understand the importance of a primary healthcare centre in their village.

Their health centre was built as far back as 1986 and as at that time, it served as a general health centre for the whole Ozizza town before different villages started branching out to set up theirs.

The general use however resulted in waning of equipment and the healthcare structure itself, even though the villages paid little or no attention to it.

The consistent advocacy by the TalkHealth Real Media Ltd through their Open Society Initiative For West Africa (OSIWA) sponsored Radio show in Ebonyi tagged TalkHealth 9ja Radio Show where they campaigned fervently for the formation of Community/Village Health Committee and strengthening of existing ones as required by the National Health Act 2014 and referenced in the Ward Health System developed by the Government of Nigeria however, opened their eyes to the possibility of renovating and reequipping their health centre.

A heath committee was set up and they run health education and promotion including vaccination and Immunization campaigns.

The committee also utilizes the agency of women to disseminate health information within the community while they manage the health facility, ensuring cleanliness and repairs of items in the facility.

A sensitization program was then organized by the Make Our Hospital Work team in collaboration with talkhealth 9ja with support from OSIWA to properly educate and guide their activities in renovating and maintaining their primary healthcare centre.

To this effect, a townhall meeting was organized for 13th May 2022.The townhall meeting focused on sensitization of the attendees, villagers and health workers alike, on the need for support from the villagers for the maintenance and renovation of their primary healthcare centre.

The villagers pledged to take responsibility for some items after the need list was read out loud.

A gift of customized Make Our Hospital Work hand washing bucket with stand and examination couch presented by the Afikpo Make Our Hospital Work Campaign lead, Mr Onyemuche Egwu to the village.

The town union went further to help secure a place for a new facility and assisting the health committee make preparations in erecting a permanent structure for the health centre.

They currently have a bungalow equipped with basic equipment needed in a health facility and residential spaces for health workers. The community also dug a placenta pit to meet the needs of the facility.

The youths ensure the cleanliness of the facility over time, helping in the construction of the permanent site of the health center, making contributions including financial aids for the health center.

AmorieOzizza has also applied for a 10 million counterpart funding from UNDP which will be added to the construction and equipping of the new health facility.

True to their words, the Amorie Ozizza people are dedicated to making their health centre work. This was made possible by the Make Our Hospital Work sensitization campaigns in partnership with OSIWA and presented by TalkHealth9ja Media.


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