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We dey work like slaves – Naija Doctors for UK


BBC investigation wey dem drop for dia website on Tuesday don show say Naija doctors wey dey work for hospitals inside UK dey complain say dem use dem anyhow and dem dey fear make dem no go loose guard for dia patient because say dem overwork.

Di investigation show evidence say one British healthcare company dey give work to doctors from naija make dem work for private hospitals under conditions wey no dey acceptable by National Health Service.

One of di naija doctors wey been work for Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital for 2021 been give details to BBC, Augustine Enekwechi, reveal say NES Healthcare wey dey carry doctors from overseas been come to am, give am visa and work and him no come notice say di contract dem give am remove am from law wey dey cover people wey dey work for UK.

Enekwechi come yan say him dey work 24 hours a day sometimes and him no fit comot from di hospital, plus dem dey also comot money from him salary anyhow. He tok say e be am like say him dey prison that time.

Di British Medical Association come say dem dey surprised say dis kain thing dey happen.


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