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Vaccines go help control STIs – WHO


World Health Organisation don tok say even tho dem dey try to control sexually transmitted infections, di rates for some of di infections still dey very high and na to create better vaccines wey go help fight the infections.

Dem still yan say na these kain development go fit help to prevent and still treat di infections and because of dat, dem launch one online portal for vaccine development for STIs.

WHO come reveal say di portal get steps and informate wey go help make sure say dem get vaccines sharp sharp and dem tag am ‘STI Watch’

WHO tok say dem collabo with di United States National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition to do dis launch.

WHO come still point out say because say as some STIs no dey get symptoms, people no dey treat am and dem go just dey spread am dey.

Dem come warn say if dey still no treat am, e fit cause serious health palava like greater risk for HIV, infertility, negative pregnancy outcomes, and even cancer.


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