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Run from drug abuse and electoral violence! – NMA Benue


Di Chairmo for di Nigerian Medical Association for Benue, Dr. Ushakuma Anenga don warn make youths run from drug abuse and electoral violence.

He yan dis one for interview wey him do with News Agency of Nigeria inside Makurdi say things like to buy vote and sell go cause serious problem for people for di society and drug abuse na very big issue for naija and di world as e dey cut future wey youths get.

He reveal say like 275 million people for di world dey abuse drugs and naija alone get more than 14.3 million people wey dey linked to drug abuse.

Di medical practitioner yan say e dey impotankpa make di country hold seminars and even conferences to explain di palava wey these issues dey carry come for youths.

Di NMA Chairmo still advise youths make dem make better choices and avoid electoral violence.




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