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Red meat and seafood fit cause arthritis! – Expert


Consultant Rheumatologist, Dr. Hakeem Olaosebikan don warn make naija people no dey chop too much red meat, seafood, and fruit juice, because e fit build too much chemical wey dem dey call uric acid and dat one go come carry arthritis come.

Di Consultant Rheumatologist wey dey work with Lagos State University Teaching Hospital Ikeja point out say people fit run from arthritis if dem lose weight, start exercise, then run from too much alcohol, red meat, offal and seafood and then dey chop plenty vegetables, fruits, fibres, and roughages.

He tok say some signs wey dey show say arthritis don land be fever, weight loss, skin rash, sore throat, and dry mouth but if dem find am out early, dey fit treat some and try to avoid joint damage and disability.

Olaosebikan come explain say to dey wear heel no dey cause arthritis but na rheumatism e dey cause.

He still add say if person get arthritis, e fit be sign say di person get another serious disease.


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